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is a Rehab Indy service to help inform our patients and other amputees about prosthetic components and services. As Practioners; performing the same tasks over the years, sometimes we overlook that not everyone is familiar with every aspect of prosthetics. That is why we have installed this forum called Tech Tip. Through the next several months we will be covering different areas of prosthetics that are important to you; the amputee, but areas we sometimes take for granted. If you have a Tech Tip idea contact : and we will detail that phase of prosthetics.

Our first featured topic is:

The Check Socket

A valuable tool that practioners use to evaluate the fit of a prosthetic device is the diagnostic check socket. Between the time of casting and measuring for a prosthesis and the actual fitting of one, there usually is a check socket visit scheduled. The reason for this visit is to allow the practioner to do a detailed analysis of the fit of a socket before the actual prosthesis is fabricated. The check socket is usually fabricated from a clear thermo plastic, to allow the practioner to see how well the modified socket actually fits. The photo on the left shows an example of typical below knee check socket. Once the patient and the practioner are both satisfied with the fit of the socket, fabrication of the prosthesis can begin with the knowledge that final product; the prosthesis was constructed with an optimal fit.

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