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Symes Prosthesis

The Symes Prosthesis is a challenging prosthesis to fabricate due to the unique aspects of this amputation. Beneficial aspects to the patient are full length Tibia and Fibula bones creating a long lever to control the prosthesis. Also like a knee disarticulation most symes amputee's can distal wieght bear. For a Prosthetist fitting a symes amputee several distinct areas must be addressed. As the symes limb matures the distal end becomes bulbous, to acom-
mondate for this shape their are several designs to choose from. The most common option is placing a window in the socket, allowing the limb to slide into place, then securing the window with strapes. The next option could be a socket with a removable soft insert, or finally the prosthesis could be fabricated with a flexible silicone bladder. Another concern for the practioner is choosing a specific prosthetic foot for a symes prosthesis. Because of the full length of a symes, space is very limited. There are several prosthetic manufacturers who make specific feet for this application, ranging from dynamic response versions, to carbon bladed energy storing styles.
For more options and in depth instructions on this prosthesis contact the Rehab Indy Staff.

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