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Patient Profile : Rene Olibo

The Rehab Indy staff would sincerely like to thank Rene Olibo for allowing us to document his appointments as he goes through the process of receiving new prosthesis. Rene lost both hands in an electrical accident three years ago. After receiving his temporary prosthesis and therapy, Rene returned back to work and and resumed his daily routine. Rene's attitude and determination has been a real inspiration. During a recent consultation it was determined his current prosthesis were
in need of replacement. Upon receiving prior approval and Physician prescription's, Rene was scheduled for his first appointment.

Measuring and Casting.

Taking detailed measurements, allows the RI staff to track any changes that occur to Rene's limbs. Tracings of his current prosthesis were also taken. Duplicating the alignment of his current pair to his new pair of prosthesis will ease the transition between the two.
After applying a cast sock; trim lines, build-ups and problem areas are marked and noted. Plaster bandages are then applied to begin the casting procedure.
The entire process is then repeated for the
other limb. Good cast impressions are key
to achieving a proper fit.
Casting completed. The plaster cast's were then removed and Rene was rescheduled for his next appointment. Which we will cover in part two: The check socket fitting.

After Rene's casting appointment the Rehab Indy staff went to work.

The cast were
poured with plaster.
Then the cast were
And check sockets
were made.

Part 2 : The Check Socket Fitting

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