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Patient Profile : Rene Olibo

The Rehab Indy staff had Rene return to our facility for his second visit, the check socket fitting. The reason for this visit is to check the fit of Rene's sockets before the actual prosthesis are fabricated. Reducing the need for later adjustments to the final prosthesis. Follow Rene through
this procedure:

The Check Socket Fitting.

The clear check socket, allows the RI staff to see the actual fit of Rene's limbs. Rene prefer's wearing a thin sock (1-2 ply stretch sock ) to allow more flexion range. Both check sockets
fit well within this volume range.
Satisfied with the volume fit of both check sockets. Trim lines and pressure areas are closely checked. Problem areas are marked
and noted, any changes will be made before
the fabrication of Rene's prosthesis begins.
Comfortable with the fit of both socket's, the check socket fitting is completed. The RI staff can now begin fabrication of Rene's prosthesis. Rene will be contacted when the staff is ready for Rene's third appointment:
Fitting and Delivery.

After Rene's check socket appointment the Rehab Indy staff went to work.

Rene's completed prosthesis ready for fitting.

Part 3 : Fitting and Delivery

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