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Ossur Network

Accredited Practitioner

Specialists in the Development of Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices

Accredited Facility by the American Board of Certification
Veterans Administration Accredited Facility
Approved Medicare & Medicaid Provider

Service - Patient Care - Quality
Amputees Serving Amputees

Patient's share their stories and experience's Have an interesting story or experience that you would like
to share with other amputees, contact us and we'll post it on:

Rehab-Indy's: Patient Profile.
View the entire list of tech tips A new feature that will take an in depth look at different aspects of prosthetics.

This month's feature: Indy's first i-LIMB Hand.

For More Information Contact Us At:

Rehabilitation Institute Of Indianapolis, Inc.
2437 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, In. 46208
Phone: 1-888-456-7440 or 317-924-4505
Fax: 317-924-5223

Certified Staff